Friday, October 14, 2011

It's a Win-Win situation

Happy Friday! I'm so excited for this weekend, what about you guys? My brother is in town from school and its really good to see him. He hasn't been home in almost a month and we miss him! We have lots of plans for this weekend. First thing tomorrow Matt and I are going HOUSE HUNTING!!!!  Uber-exciting. Then later on in the evening we're going to do a Haunted Tour of Springfield, which should be a good time. Then Sunday we're having what my dad has started calling a "Meat-a-thon." He is in love with his smoker and so he's going to smoke meat all day and then we are going to feast, yum! :)

My awesome 16 point hand!
Today has been a pretty low-key day. I spent most of it at my dad's doing laundry with my brother because the well at my mom's ran out of water... a huge pain! The quality alone time with my brother was nice and we got to watch the Comedy Block together which is always fun. When we got home mom made homemade chili (yum!) and Matt and I watched the Cards kick butt, whilst playing Cribbage (a new favorite past time of ours). We're now only one win away from the Series!!!! Now I'm sitting around watching an Elijah Wood movie until Matt gets home and we can go to bed... lame huh?

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