Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Reading: Just finished Perks of Being a Wallflower for the second time. Man so much happens! I had forgotten a lot of the side things that happen to the secondary characters. It’s such a fantastic book and if you haven’t read it I highly recommend it. I just started reading Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn, it’s interesting. Everyone that I’ve seen that’s read it says its amazing, so we shall see. As of right now I feel myself loving Amy’s diary entries and I’m a little bored with David in the present but he doesn’t know she’s gone yet so I have a feeling it will pick up.

Watching: All of the new seasons of all my shows! I’ve been pretty pleased with all the premiere so far, with the exception of How I Met Your Mother.... there’s no excuse... pick up your game! New Girl probably wins the cake for the best premiere of a returning show so far. The first two episodes were so good and absolutely hilarious, keep it up Elizabeth Meriwether, keep it up! I have also started watching Parenthood on Netflix..... Obsessed. Love the Braverman’s.  They’re really warm and cozy. I find myself being drawn to shows and movies about close families, probably because I come from one.

Listening to: Lots of laid back indie chill music. I’m seriously obsessed with the fall playlist I made. I listen to it everyday. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Mandy Moore, especially her album Wild Hope. It’s such a good album and I identify with it quite a bit. She is such a good song writer and I just love her voice so much. This is a Mandy Moore Appreciation Blog....

Thinking about: Christmas presents... I know it’s still a little early but I like to get my people something that is really thoughtful and heartfelt. I don’t like to get my friends and family gift cards or something generic. I think I have a pretty solid idea for what I’m going to get almost everyone. Boyfriend is seeming to be pretty difficult because he wants to go buy himself the thing I would like to buy him.

Loving: This weather!! It is finally chilly enough to wear a scarf, tights, and boots! Yay Fall. I’m really weird and I don’t like to drink hot Starbucks drinks until like the middle of September or when it gets chilly enough... however I did cheat a little this year because of the show. I need some warm Starbucks for my throat.

Looking Forward to: October, it is my most favorite of all the months. I know everybody says that. I found myself being really grumpy yesterday because I felt like everyone was encroaching on my month but he assured me there is enough of October to share. I’m excited to go pick pumpkins, drink apple cider, have bonfires, make smores and dress up for Halloween. Yay October. Don’t go by really fast please!

That’s what I’ve been up to latetly. xoxo.

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