Thursday, July 26, 2012

What's Saving My Life Today...

I was reading through my dailies today and stumbled on to a post by Ashlee at Where My Heart Resides, about what how her eleven month baby, even though he wears her out and frustrates her to no end is what keeps her moving.

This really stuck with me today, as my cast of Spring Awakening and I are mourning the loss of a great man. A man who felt as though he didn't have enough strength to go on any longer. It really has me thinking about my younger years and how I know I have felt that pain and agony before. I am so grateful today to have things that keep me going. Here is a list of what is saving my life today:
My fantastic Cast. Oh how I love them all so much. It crazy how you can just meet someone and feel instantly connected, but that's how I feel with each and every one of them. I feel for them as they struggle through this tough time and know if we all stick together we can get through this and put on a show that is really something to be proud of.
My amazing Boyfriend. There are no words to describe how grateful I am for him each and everyday. He is the first thing I want to see when I wake up and the last thing I want to see before I close my eyes. He's my home and there is nothing else that matters.

Last is my family and friends, I don't have a photo for them because I don't want to make anyone feel like they are more or less important than the other. I have some pretty superbly supportive people in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. xoxo.

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  1. Aww Meghan, I'm sorry for your loss, and my prayers are with all of you! What a special idea to post about a list of things that are your life savers- your post really touched me. Sounds like you're having an awesome time with Spring Awakening, and I can't wait to see it! Miss you lots, xoxo


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