Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Cards Sweep the Cubs..... and I get overheated.

We swept the Cubs!
For Boyfriend's birthday back in April I bought him and I two tickets to see the St. Louis Cardinals take on their rivals the Chicago Cubs. He was really excited about it but felt like I spent too much money on the tickets, so he insisted I put those up on StubHub and look for a pair for Sunday which were much cheaper. I did so and while our tickets were up there for almost three months no one else wanted to pay the ridiculous amount that I paid for them, thus we got to see back to back Cards/Cubs games this weekend, Happy Anniversary as well.

We went down to Edwardsville, where the Boyfriend is from, late on Friday night/Saturday morning because he had something to do in town before the game at 6. We were super excited to catch his sister at his parents house before she headed down to Paris, TN, to go visit their parents at their summer home. It was nice to see and catch up with her but we were tired by the time we got there so we didn't visit for very long and were off to bed.

While the Boy had to get up early and go do some stuff, I slept in 'til noon. It was fabulous. Since starting rehearsals last Monday I am zonked ALL. THE. TIME... but seriously I'm old. haha. When I finally got my lazy butt up I caught up on some Pretty Little Liars (I am so addicted to this show!) and Baby Daddy (it's growing on me...) and then decided it was probably time to start getting ready for the game.

Boyfriend got home about 20 minutes before we had to leave so he was running around the house trying to get everything ready before we headed out there. We didn't want to buy food at the stadium (even though he did anyway), so we got some yummy, horrible for you, McDonalds (it's the perfect road food).

When we got to the stadium we found some really awesome FREE! parking. It was a little bit of trek to the park and we were kind of scared we were going to get towed but it was FREE! so we didn't care. It was still quite warm when we got there and we were really afraid it was going to be miserable the whole game, but right as they were throwing the first pitch some clouds rolled in and it was perfect weather for the rest of the game.

Overall the game was kind of a boring game. It was a no scoring game until the bottom of the seventh when the Cards hit in 12 runs. That was pretty sweet! My dad texted me to let me know we saw them tie their team record for runs scored in an inning that game. Heck yes! Despite the 12 runs we did not get to see anyone hit a homerun that game so we were mildly disappointed. The Boy got hungry around the fourth inning and I was dying for a drink so we went and grabbed some concesiones (hot dog, popcorn, AND soda for him and just a bottle of water for me).

After the 12 run inning!
We were pretty tired after the game so we didn't do much. We made a pit stop at Walmart so I could get some shorts (I stupidly brought jeans to wear  in 100 degree weather...) and made an appearance at a party his buddy was throwing. By the time we got home, we were ready to hit the hay.

Today we woke up in a panic! None of the clocks in his parents house are set to the right times and both of our phones were dead. We thought for sure we were going to be late to the game. I ran into the bathroom and plugged my phone into the charger to see that it was only 11:30 however we had about a half hour before we had to leave if we wanted to get there on time.

Despite stopping for some yummy Jack in the Box and parking in the same spot as Saturday which is a bit of a trek to the park we ended up in our seats by the middle of the top of the 1st inning! We had really great seats however they were in the direct sun and neither one of us had faith that we were going  to make it through the whole game in them. 

At about the 4th inning Boyfriend asked if I was ready to go find some shade, being as I was feeling like if I sat in the sun for one more minute I completely obliged. As we were walking up steps and looking for some where we could still see the game I could feel my anxiety start to kick in and I started to see black spots. By the time we got to the next level I needed to sit down. Boyfriend was trying to wiped something off my face and I all but bit his head off for getting in my personal space.

An event manager saw us and let us know that just around the corner there were ceiling fans so I could get more circulation and cool down quicker. When I felt like I could stand we moved over there. I sat on the concrete under a fan and next to an open part of the stadium where the breeze could get to me, sipping Powerade for about 20 minutes before I felt better, but once I did I felt great. We ended up moving closer to the diamond and were able to see the back-to-back homeruns hit by Holiday and Beltran. 

Overall it was a good weekend and we swept the Cubs. Go Cards. xoxo
Us at Busch Stadium


  1. Ahh! I totally know how it is to get overheated- so scary! I'm glad you didn't pass out!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun...but BOO Cards!! Haha ;) I'm a Chicago Cubbies fan at heart.

  2. I have passed out before! Luckily it didn't get that bad but other than that we did. It was a lot of fun and we had great seats. Lame... Cubs suck haha


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