Friday, July 20, 2012

"Maybe I'll I need is a shot in the arm..."

Look how many people. We were about fifty rows up from the sound tent.

A couple weekends ago the boyfriend and I took a little trip up to Chicago. It was quite an amazing time. We got there on Saturday afternoon in enough time to check into our hotel, freshen up and then go out and do somethings. I, of course, had to make a pit stop at their mall because they have a Forever 21 and a H&M. I bought four dresses for $90! That is ridiculous... actually Boyfriend bought them for me... isn't he sweet. We had dinner at this amazing Mediterranean place called Basils. It was delicious!!

The next morning we got up and perused the Geneva/Batavia area (the town where the concert was). They both had quaint little downtown squares, which were fun. We ate at a little pub in Geneva called The Little Owl, it was really interesting on the inside, lots of exposed wood.

A dam in Batavia.

We headed toward the concert at 3ish and there was already a line wrapped around itself twice. The show didn't start until 5! We were freaking out that we weren't going to get a good spot until Boyfriend spotted another line on the other side of the stadium... Score! When we got inside we found a spot near the back of the bleachers and took turns grabbing merch. before the lines got too out of control. We're huge dorks so we played Cribbage and Rummy while we waited for the show to start.

The first opening act was a band called The Congregation. They were pretty good, they had a chick singer, which I love! We couldn't hear them very well so we decided to rough it among the crazies and go down to the field.... best decision we made all night. We could hear so much better down there and the environment overall was just so much better.

Andrew Bird was the second opener and he was fine as well. I don't think he's really the type of artist that I would want to see in that kind of environment again. His music just felt way too laid back and classical for an outdoor summer concert. I'm not saying it wasn't good because that would be a lie, he's an amazing musician, I just think this wasn't quite the venue for him.

When Wilco finally came out it was like a breathe of fresh air. Even though everyone was tired, drunk and sunburnt the whole crowd just came alive as they plucked out the first few chords of "Dawned on Me." Jeff Tweedy is probably my new favorite person to see live, he was just so much fun and very funny. They played a lot of really good stuff and even pulled out some old hits like "A Shot in the Arm." The best song of the night had to be "Via Chicago," which they played in their second encore. The crowd went absolutely crazy and you can hear them on the recording singing along.

All in all it was a great vacation and a great show. What fun concerts have you guys been to? xoxo


Gross right. :)


  1. LOVE your blog. You and Matt are too cute :) He bought you those dresses?! That is super sweet of him! I'm gonna brag to Chino about it now haha

    1. Thanks lovely. He did... well technically his mom did, she gave us money for our trip/my graduation, but still it wasn't my money. Tell Chino to catch up! haha :)


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