Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Review: The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by: Jennifer E. Smith.

By now we have established how much I hate female protagonists in most books, yes? (Bella, Nora, Ana...) Hadley is a completely different ball game. I adore her. She is quite possibly one of my favorite characters of all time. She is written so real. She has real, believable, issues and insecurities. 

Hadley is about to board a plane to London for her dad’s wedding to a woman she has never met. While on the way she gets into a fight with her mom in the car outside the airport and ends up missing her flight by four minutes. In a panic she gets put on the next flight that doesn’t leave for another couple of hours. Little does she know that the passenger seated next to her will change her life in ways she cannot even begin to imagine and show her that she is capable of forgiving even the most heartbreaking situations.

A really interesting and refreshing look at determinism. It is such an incredible story about the harshness and forgiveness that comes with unconditional love. Hadley wonders to herself in the preface if all the things that happened would have mattered if she had just made that first flight. She certainly would not have met Oliver. Quite an interesting concept, eh? xoxo.

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