Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I Love About Theatre: Sleep No More.

And I'm back. Sorry for the hiatus but with the move and starting a new job and everything I have been super busy and have not had time to attend to my blog on top of everything else, but I haven't forgotten it. I have been planning some great new things first of which is a new feature called What I Love About Theatre. Theatre is one of my biggest passions/obessions. I have been doing it forever and even studied it in college. Each week I will pick out a show,  technique, style, designer, etc. and bring some light on the theatre world that most of you probably aren't aware of. After all there is more to theatre than Broadway and Shakespeare (not that I don't love those things because believe me I do and I will talk about them plenty).
Emursive produces immersive theatre in extraordinary places. Punchdrunk's 'Sleep No More' is an award-winning theatrical experience that tells Shakespeare's classic tragedy 'Macbeth' through the lens of a film noir movie. Audiences move freely through the epic world of the story at their own pace, choosing where to go and what to see, and everyone's journey is different and unique. (New York Times).

Sleep No More is a story of sex, violence, and revenge. Set in the McKittrick Hotel in the 20’s. Sleep No More is an interactive psychological journey through Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Instead of sitting back and watching the production, audience members don masks and walk through the McKittrick themselves. Could you think of a more interesting way to view an old show? Add this as reason 1000 why I am upset I don’t live in New York or London. I’m not gonna lie I was a little rusty on my theatre news and had to hear about this amazing performance via Gossip Girl (how sad?), but since then I have been obsessed. I have literately read every article there is about it. I only wish I got a chance to experience it. If you live anywhere near either city I would completely recommend it.
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