Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekends with the Fam.

Hi guys! Sorry I missed you yesterday. This weekend it flying by already. I can't believe its Saturday night. Wow. My brother is in town for the weekend so we've been spending as much time with him as we can. Last night my grandma was ALSO in town so we went and had dinner with her at Dublin Pub (yummy, yummy horseshoes!). Then we came home and played cards and laid on the couch and got up on some Big Bang (love me some Sheldon Cooper :) ). Today we went to my dad's and hung out there all day. Played some fun board games (I won two outta four!!! Heck yes!) Then we went to dinner at Smokeybones with him and Jess. Lots going on lots of family time and lots of love. Tomorrow is the first dinner with the parents. Matt's parents are coming to my mom's to have dinner so we'll see how it goes.... Wish us luck!

How's your weekend going? I've finished Summer in the City, Jessica's Guide to Dating the Dark Side, and Bossy Pants review to come soon, promise!!!

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