Sunday, November 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Mandi.

Hello friends. Friday was my best friend's birthday. The lovely Mandi turned 22. We celebrated by going out for sushi and hibachi. It was delicious! Plus it was boyfriend's first experience with hibachi... he's a fan. After dinner we went out and had a blast. We sang, drank, and were merry.

Saturday was a much needed chill day. E, the boyfriend and, I laid around all day watching movies and eating my mom's homemade chili (yum!). We watch Due Date (pretty funny but a little slow at times), My Soul to Take (awful!) and, The Ring. After movies we played Trivial Pursuit, which is a favorite of mine, be-tee-dubs. :) I'm awful but I still love it.

Today boyfriend and I got a much needed sleep in day, before we headed to my dad's. After munching on some yummy kabobs and baked potatoes we played the Kinect. It is soooooooo much fun! It's like a Wii but better. We seriously played it for like two hours. Best thing ever.

Also I'm about halfway through The Hunger Games! I'm already in love with Peeta Mellark. I haven't made a decision about Katniss but I think I like, which is a big deal for me because I usually hate chick narrators. They're usually whiney but Katniss has reason to be.

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